"... the art of theater does not lie in special effects, lavish sets or famous names. It lies in passion and commitment, intelligence and human emotion. Ralph E. Greene and his company proves them rich in the qualities that matter most.”    --St. Louis Post Dispatch

Unity Theatre Ensemble has overcome many challenges to achieve its soon to be forty-seven year history of producing classic dramas, original musicals, and experimental works with an insightful intelligence and honesty that set new standards of excellence in theater arts. Through its productions, the company seeks to inspire and uplift the audience by helping them to understand human actions, to experience the joys of human achievement, to enjoy the magic of nostalgia, and to embrace the universal connections among all people. As a motivating tool, Unity Theatre Ensemble's productions address important issues that affect all humanity.

Unity Theatre Ensemble offers a diverse repertoire which includes: musical revues, gospel musicals, musical comedy, reader's theater, compiled script theater, traditional drama, children's theater, total theater, literature for the stage, and commissioned educational/motivational themes for special event presentations.

Unity Theatre Ensemble is a company that strives to present each performance with honest emotion with the goal to challenge their performing artists, inspire it audience and to communicate a relevant message.



To nurture and to expand the talents of African-American and other Performing Artists and Technicians who will harmoniously collaborate to present to its audiences: (1) significant plays and musicals by African-American and third world playwrights, (2) other plays and musicals that express the black experience, (3) original scripts by the company directors and other authors and (4) experimental works based on compilations from other literary genres, in an effort to celebrate human achievements, to heighten the audience's awareness of issues affecting their lives and to inform them of their responsibility to make constructive choices with UNITY and HARMONY for individual and community improvement; to expose and educate the public in the performing arts.

(Performance Photo featured above: “Fix Me” from I Got The Music In Me)






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